Coming out of Retirement (again)

Having retired for the third time in early 2018, I was surprised to get a phone call in June, from an agency, asking me if I wanted some work in Basingstoke. My CV was still online apparently.

The job turned out to be with the company I had retired from in 2013 before setting off on my South American Adventure. I was happy to go back and enjoyed it so much that I went from temporary to a permanent employee.

This proved to have unforeseen benefits because when I went for my HGV medical in October, there was an anomaly with my urine sample which led to blood tests, x-rays, scans etc., which have culminated in a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

I think it is fair to say that, had I not gone back to work, the cancer would have remained undetected for much longer. It is not yet advanced and I will be starting treatment soon which is intended to cure.

I intend to blog my way through this, treating it as another adventure.


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