Scary Moment

Following on from my HGV medical in October I made an appointment with my GP and had blood samples taken and was warned there may be a problem with my kidneys. Two days later I had a missed call from the surgery and when I phoned back, the receptionist had no idea what the call was about but said she would find out.

I decided to call in to the GP’s surgery on the way to work the next day and was told that the doctor had tried to call me but they did not know what it was about and that he was now on holiday. The receptionist kindly voiced her opinion that, “it must be urgent”. So I put 2 and 2 together and concluded I must have a serious problem with my kidneys. This being the case I would be unable to drive a truck.

I made an appointment to see another doctor a couple of days later and took the time off work, due to not knowing if I had a kidney disease plus the process had messed with my head somewhat. I had a scary moment.

Once I saw the doctor, things became calm and organised. He explained that because my PSA levels were up he wanted to have my kidneys checked but was referring me for investigation for Prostate Cancer.


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