Between The Cracks

Next up was a CT scan of my kidneys. This was probably the easiest of all the procedures and I was in and out of the hospital in hardly any time at all. I was told that I was classed as urgent and would receive an appointment to see a consultant within a fairly short time.

In the meantime I had to have more blood samples taken to check my PSA level (Prostate-specific Antigen), following which, I expected to receive an appointment at the hospital. None was forthcoming.

I waited what I believed to be a reasonable time for someone who was told that he was classed as urgent and then phoned the hospital to query the delay. The first two people I spoke to could find nothing relating to my results or an appointment. I was becoming frustrated.

The third person confessed that I had “fallen between the cracks” and he was most apologetic. He made me an appointment for the following week which was confirmed by letter. I was slightly less frustrated.


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