Following the transrectal biopsy, the blood in the urine stopped after a day and the blood in my poo stopped after two days. Great! The pain gradually diminished and after about four days I thought I was back to normal. How wrong I was.

During one of my frequent trips to the bathroom, it became extremely painful to urinate and I had a sudden attack of “the chills”. On my way back downstairs, I began to feel dizzy, which was very alarming.

I read the information leaflet which had been provided at the hospital and found that I was suffering from almost all of the symptoms listed, except possibly, a raised heartbeat. The instructions were to go straight to A&E and if I had nobody to drive me there I should call 999. As I was alone I called 999.

I asked for the ambulance service and was put through to someone who appeared very reluctant to help me. After I described my situation, she asked me why I thought I needed an ambulance. I read to her the instructions given to me at the hospital and asked her which part she disagreed with. She then asked if I had all of the symptoms including the raised heartbeat. I replied that I thought that my heartrate was fine until I got into conversation with her and now it was rising rapidly. She decided she needed advice from a colleague or supervisor and excused herself. After a brief interval she was back, informing me there was an ambulance on the way, assuring me that I was a priority.

Within a few minutes a paramedic had arrived in a car, followed soon afterwards by an ambulance with a crew of three. With four emergency personnel with all of their bulky equipment, my tiny lounge had never been so crowded. It did not take long to verify that I was in need of prompt medical attention and I was transported to the General Hospital in Southampton, which became my home for 5 days.


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