The day finally arrived to visit the hospital to find out exactly what was wrong. All I knew up until then was my prostate was enlarged. It could be benign or not be benign.

The information was given to me by a specialist nurse. The same one who had previously inserted a camera into my penis and a finger into my backside. Mercifully, not both at the same time. She explained the state of the cancer and what it meant in terms of types of treatment available to me. Assuring me that the intention would be to cure it.

I have a grade 2 cancer with a score of 7 (3+4) on the Gleason Score. It was mostly still contained within the prostate but there was a small section which was close to spreading and so it is classed as Locally Advanced. Not exactly a death sentence but not really a cause for celebration.

I was given a large and comprehensive information pack covering diagnosis, treatment, help and support. I will be doing a lot of reading and research in the coming weeks.

Next stop, appointments with two consultants on the same day to discuss the treatments available to me.


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