I am pleased to say that my mood is significantly better than last week. This is due to a number of factors but most importantly because I have been told that I am to be treated with a different hormone drug. When I was told, I felt an immediate change in my mental wellbeing.

After the injection of the previous hormone, Decapeptyl, and the painful reaction I had, I spoke to the research team at the General Hospital. They in turn spoke to the consultant who then asked a speciality nurse to contact my GP and discuss my situation The nurse then called me to tell me that my next injection, which is still two months away, will be with a different drug. One which should not cause me to suffer in the way I had previously. The drug is Zoladex LA 10.8mg which of course, has its own long list of potential side effects. I will not have to worry about that for now.

With the absence of pain and depression, I felt well enough to return to work. Albeit on a reduced level but enough, once again, to have a positive effect on my mental health. I did feel quite tired after working four days but it feels worth it.

And to uplift the spirits even more, the start of the cricket season. How much happier could one feel than sitting at the Ageas Bowl on a drab day in April with the temperature at 11C and a wind chill factor making it more like six or seven degrees. Having said that the cricket was excellent. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of cricket this year. Truly uplifted.

No Pain No Gain. No Thanks!!

Only last week,
Things were looking so bleak,
That I thought I wouldn’t continue.
I could not see the point,
With such pain in each joint,
In every muscle, tendon and sinew.
My body’s rejection
Of the hormone injection,
Made my future prospects seem worse.
So I voiced my frustration
Re my medication,
To a speciality nurse.
My consultant was consulted
Which then resulted
In an approach to my GP.
 Following a graphic description
She changed my prescription
To something (hopefully) less painful to me.


4 thoughts on “Uplifted

  1. I know people say you have to stay strong and I agree,but for how long, you see you’ve always been the kind of gent that takes on a challenge even when feeling spent ,so this fight that your taking on must be easier with friends at least I hope ,but I know you will rise to the challenge and cope, you’ve always been a stubborn guy so take this bull buy the horns and look it in the eye and tell it strong, I am going to be around maybe in some pain but you’ll never stop me ,returning to Spain, never give up fighting peter too many people will be there behind you yours truly included, regards my friend, sorry it’s not in your class this little write but just a quick note to let you know there are people backing you, god bless you Peter, see ya soon

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